Homework 1:  Due 29th Sept

  • Send me a picture file (PDF) via email (brummell at soe dot ucsc dot edu) of some fluid dynamics situation that is curious or interesting to you
  • Please read Chapter 2 of Kundu to brush up on some of the mathematical basics too

Homework 2:  Due Thurs 6th Oct

NOTE: I am prepared to give more time for the building of fountains if needed but written HW2 should be handed in by the due date!

  • The Hero's Fountain competition was AWESOME!  A surprising DEAD HEAT in quality between the two teams -- The "Sara is the Team Leader" Team and "The A Team".  Here are videos of the awesomeness respectively:

Homework 3:  Due Thurs 13th Oct

Homework 4:  Due Thurs 20th Oct

Homework 5:  Due Thurs 27th Oct


Here is a midterm pseudo-exam that tests your knowledge on what you have done in class so far.  This midterm will not be marked, it is merely for you to self-assess how well you are doing.  I suggest that you do the following:

  • look through your notes and revise your knowledge
  • attempt to do the midterm test without looking stuff up
  • then go back and look up the answers that you didn't know or were unsure of.
  • make sure you know everything in the end:  see the solutions, ask me, etc

Here is the midterm test

Homework 6:  Due Thurs 17th Nov

HW6 sheet is here 

Note:  The problem is number 7.21 in the 6th edition of the book!

Grad student extra homework:  Due Tues 29th Nov

Grad student extra homework is here

Homework 7: Due Tues 29th Nov

HW7 sheet is here

Homework 8 (FINAL): Due 6th Dec

Send HW8 to me as a PDF via email, or bring it by my office before 5pm on Tues 6th Dec

HW8 sheet is here