AMS107 -- PHYS107 -- AMS217

Instructor: Prof. Nic Brummell



This course focuses on the fundamentals of fluid dynamics as applied to astrophysical and geophysical systems. We will deal with: a kinematic understanding of fluid flows (how do we describe flows?, the continuum hypothesis, Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions, etc); a dynamic understanding of fluid flows i.e. the various equation sets describing inviscid and viscous flow derived from conservation laws; dynamic similarity and scale analysis; inviscid potential flows; gravity waves; exact solutions of Navier-Stokes equations; boundary layer formulations; and a selection of more advanced topics such as numerical simulations, compressible flows and some introductory discussions of fluid instabilities, waves, chaos, nonlinear equilibration, and turbulence.

The course is aimed at providing the student with a basic understanding of fluid dynamics, both intuitively and from an applied mathematics point of view.

By the end of the course, you will know how to fly and how to throw a good curve ball in baseball!

The regular lecture material will be augmented with video presentations and experimental demonstrations.


Baskin Engineeering 372, Tues/Thurs, 9:50-11:25am

Primary Text:

Kundu, Cohen and Dowling (= K), Fluid Mechanics (6th ed., Academic Press)


  • 09/16: Get ready ... ! First class Thurs Sept 22nd ...
  • 10/05:  The Hero's Fountain competition was AWESOME!  A surprising DEAD HEAT in quality between the two teams -- The "Sara is the Team Leader" Team and "The A Team".  Here are videos of the awesomeness respectively:
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  • 11/01: Mid-class self-assessment test (non-marked midterm) is posted in the Homework section.  Check yoself and see how you are doing!
  • 11/18: 
    • Extra homework for grad students is up, yay!
    • HW 7 for everyone is up (standing wave solution akin to the travelling wave soln we did in class)
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    • Class voted unanimously to have one last HW instead of an in-class final and to have the grades set by the set of homework grades
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Lecture Notes

Extra video sessions and office hours:

POTENTIALLY Wednesday at 5:15pm in BE358

The URL for the set of videos if you are not coming to the session is here, or get them directly on YouTube here